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Science of Yoga

You've heard yoga is good for you, but why?

Finally understand exactly how yoga affects our bodies!

Learn how yoga can help with conditions such as:

  • chronic pain

  • high blood pressure

  • heart disease

  • anxiety and panic attacks

Recognize how some poses trigger an emotional response or a relaxation response

We'll answer questions like:

  • do I have to be vegetarian?

  • do I have to meditate?

  • what if I can't do a pose?

  • how soon before/after class should I eat?

  • do I have to chant?

  • what does "om"  and "namaste" mean & why do people say it?

Total Health Reset

This intense program is highly personalized to tailor meet your specific needs .  We will look at diet, lifestyle, exercise, stressors, spirituality and life goals just to name a few.  Together we'll go over your goals, roadblocks, problem solve and implement solutions.  You'll also receive a 30 day meal plan to help kick-start your new healthy eating habits as well as weekly email support.  This is a minimum 3 month commitment.

Some of the many topics we cover, talk about, discuss, dissect, improve upon and implement during a typical health coaching program:
--batch cooking (for the week)
--kitchen tools/kitchen prep/kitchen set up
--food sensitivities and allergies
--chronic illness and food
--vitamins A, D, E, K1 and K2 (and healthy teeth)
--candida/yeast overgrowth
--acid/alkaline balance
--emotional eating
--nutrition and trauma
--energetics of food (and why it makes you feel the way you do)
--deconstructing cravings
--role of nutrition in PTSD, depression, fatigue & inflammatory conditions
--reading food labels (and what they really mean--cage free, free range, grain fed, grass fed, etc)
--gluten free eating (not everyone is gluten free or needs to be)
--getting quiet to listen (what your body is really trying to tell you)
--stuck in a rut (what your eating patterns are trying to tell you about your job and your relationships)


Each program is uniquely tailored to your personal (or group) specific goals and desires.  As such, no two programs are alike and new topics may be added or explored, while others are never even talked about, depending upon your preferences. 

Mindset Reset

You feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders… and you are exhausted.

You’re fumbling through your day unfocused and anxious… and you just want to feel vibrant.

You’re going through the motions… but you want to feel more, see more, do more.  You want to live a life of brilliance.


I know exactly where you are right now, because I’ve been right where you are.  You are unique and beautiful, and you deserve to feel your best.  How would your life change if you could conquer these?  Who would this affect positively in your life?

Really stop and think about those questions for a moment.  When you imagine these things, how do you feel? 

Together we will cover:

  • Conquering Your Thoughts

  • Avoiding Negativity

  • Nature Therapy

  • Letting Go of Control

  • Ways To Stay Positive

  • Dropping Resentment

       Focus, Focus, Focus

Set yourself free...

Quiet the Mind

This is the program to help you get out of your own way, quiet your mind and the useless chatter and develop your own meditation habit.   Understand how meditation can unlock your potential, open your mind and increase your health.  

Trauma Enchilada

*If you have experienced trauma, physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, religious abuse, neglect or suffer from PTSD or CPTSD and are tired of living in the dark shadow, then you have arrived at the right place.  

This intense program is not for the faint of heart.  When you are ready to step into a life free from this heavy, daily burden, this program will cause you to dig deeply, question beliefs and change your perspective.  

This program is my personal conglomeration of everything that has helped me.  Over the years I have personally tried private and group therapy, support groups, offender apology programs, shamans, healers, immersions, intensives, etc.  Desparate to find "the answer", I realized that there isn't just one.  

Week 1: Intro, Where we hold trauma in the body, techniques

Week 2: You don’t get over it, Body energetics

Week 3: There is no right or wrong, it just is, Perspective

Week 4: Guilt, Shame & Blame, Toxic Shame

Week 5: Disassociation & Awareness

Week 6: It’s just an experience, Labels, verbage

Week 7: Using wounds as power, Labels

Week 8: Self Abuse, continuing the cycle

Week 9: Over compensation, extremes, savior mentality

Week 10: Changing, changing habits/stories

Week 11: Patterns, Beliefs & Lessons

Week 12: Recap; F/U on techniques, intro Quantum thinking

This program is deeply personal and life changing.  As such, participants are limited to ensure my full consideration and attention.  

Yamas of Trauma

AND many more....check out Meetup or email me for upcoming events!!

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