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Non-violence means more than just not harming someone, it extends to ourselves. It includes how we think and talk about ourselves & to ourselves; the criticism, judgement, the anger. It includes how we react to situations. The practice of ahimsa is compassion in our feelings, thoughts, words and actions. It means consideration; thoughtful consideration of ourselves & others, in each situation.

Think of all the things you say to yourself or about yourself in a day...I'm broke, That was stupid, I'm fat, I can't do that, I'm not smart enough, I'm not talented/good enough, I'm too scared, I'm tired, I'm too old, I'm angry, I'm depressed, I can't stop drinking/working/over eating/spending, etc. All these thoughts are not compassionate & do not honor your GREATNESS.

These thoughts are creating vibratory energy patterns that attract the saying "I'm broke," creates exactly what you say-- brokenness. If you say you hate working so much, then you create circumstances where you are constantly in "go- mode." Now think of what you say & how you feel toward others. This is where gossip comes in.

Ahimsa reminds us that it starts with us...within us...all the changes we wish to see, experience, do and have.

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