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Yamas- Non-Stealing

We often think of theft as a crime, taking that which does not belong to us. But let’s enlarge that circle of meaning. How would that look in modern day life? Perhaps we infringe upon a friend’s time, talking on and on about ourselves. Or maybe when someone tells us about a dream or plan that excites them, we immediately start informing them of all the ways it will never work or could cause financial ruin. We are stealing their joy, part of their shine and brilliance. (If you want the Truth, we’re really just jealous they have found their greatness while we remain in fear.)

When we feel the need to take, it comes from our own sense of lack within. We place fulfillment in that which is outside of us. We are constantly comparing…relationships, finances, houses, jobs, kids, yoga postures, happiness…all from the view of who has more & who has less. We divide & classify our whole world, which only separates us from the Whole and isolates us. From this sense of isolation & lack, we crave fulfillment, longing to become something or someone better. This is just an attempt to escape the emptiness we feel. When we address the root cause (separating ourselves from the Whole), we can effortlessly reconnect to the Universal Truth that we are indeed all connected.

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