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Yamas-Movement Towards Truth

While most interpret Brahmacarya to mean “celibacy” or “continence”, it is more about control of the senses. But instead of equating this to sex (or abstinence), perhaps it would be more appropriate to think of it in terms of sensuality. It is through our senses (touch, taste, smell, hear, see) that we experience and perceive life, as well as relate to the world around us. So then sensuality is the root of our desires. Our experiences are divided into pain or pleasure, and from there we build our lives around avoiding pain and recreating pleasure. But isn’t true joy created when we are “in the moment” and not expecting it to happen? Perhaps it’s about getting to the root cause of our need for sensual pleasure.

If we remove the sexual stigma and think of Brahmarcarya in terms of energy, it signifies merging our energy with God/Universe/The One/The Whole. (No wonder we’re so preoccupied with it? Who doesn’t crave that unconditional love and connection?)

If the past is just memories, isn’t the future just a projection of past memories? This moment is all there is. John McAfee once said that “self-discovery can only occur in the present moment…& that is in itself our guru.” Our primal instinct for sensual connection to ensure survival can seem like a driving issue. Our society is littered with it; “Sex sells”. Have we examined what this means in our lives? As a whole we expend great amounts of energy and time on when, where, with whom & how often to have sex, if we are to even have it at all. We think, plan, plot and scheme about attaining it. Its importance is inflated. Our desire for it based upon an image, a past memory.

Brahmacarya suggests we form relationships that encourage our understanding of the highest Truths. Are we using this energy to regenerate connection to our spiritual self? Are we using sexual manipulation on others for our own personal gain? It is not whether we use sexual energy at all, but how we use it. Do the ways in which you express your sensuality and sexual energy bring you closer to your authentic self? Is it bringing you closer to your spiritual self and your greatness?

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