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Yamas-Non Attachment

January 15, 2018

Literally my favorite Yama & one I’ve been working on a lot lately.   What is non attachment?  We all know attachment…to ideas, people, places, jobs, our favorite sweater, a certain brand of mascara, a diner, our neighborhood, our finances, our nationality…the list goes on.  But why are we so attached?  The root is our craving for continuity, safety and connection. (Again, here we are feeling separate.)  We attempt to build concrete versions of people & ideas to feel confident and secure.   But Life is flowing and changing, and it is the resistance to this that causes us suffering.  It implies a lack of faith in God/Source/Universe/The One/The Whole and a lack of faith in ourselves to provide for our future. 

It’s about taking only what is necessary and not more than.  Now for those of us who
have experienced lack in a severe form, it’s about letting go and trusting.  After experiencing poverty (I’m talking homelessness, eating out of a dumpster to survive type of poverty and lack), it’s taking a big leap of faith and trusting that Source has got your back.  I went through a phase of buying 2 or 3 of everything… just in case.  It’s about buying 1 amazingly soft, organic shirt and knowing that if it rips, you will be provided with another. It’s about buying 1 cucumber for your salad and not 6 because you’re afraid you won’t be able to afford it next week. (By the way, all these “extras” usually sat untouched, like a shrine—and the cucumbers went bad.)   It’s about turning our attention away from material possessions & orienting it inward.

When we feel connected to Source/God/Universe/The One/The Whole, we lose ideas of
fear and lack.  Just because we “have” does not mean that another has to “go without”.  There is literally an endless supply of abundance in its many forms.  So maybe we can loosen the reins a little?...


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