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Yamas- Truthfulness

Satya is translated as genuine, real, honest & we usually interpret this to mean “telling the truth”. But is this even possible? All of our experiences, actions & sensations are first filtered through our own conditioning…our own perceptions. Our conditioning is formed from our own unique system of beliefs, fears & past experiences. We hold our own opinions of what is “true”… of other’s intentions, of other’s actions, or of our own intentions & actions. Imagine being in love with another. We “love” this other with such intensity it could be classified as possessive or obsessive. Perhaps then we feel jealousy or anger ….but we tell ourselves it is because we love them. See how we can twist things to fit into our own version of Truth?

Perhaps we feel greed for things…like a new house, a new car, a new dress, a new job, a new book, a new partner, a new life changing spiritual experience…and tell ourselves once acquired then we are successful. We contort envy & jealousy of other’s success into “ambition” or “healthy competition” for ourselves, but it’s not really. It’s time to be honest with ourselves. Caroline Myss once said that “facing & hearing the Truth can completely change your life and that’s why most people run from it. Change one coordinate in your spiritual compass & you change your entire life’s direction.”

Telling the Truth is not always the most appealing option. If the Truth were to harm another unnecessarily, it is better to say nothing. Living in ahimsa (non violence), we have to consider what we say, how we say it and how it may affect others. But honesty with others has no meaning if we are not able to be honest with ourselves…living in our authenticity and greatness. So where are we hiding from our Truth?

For me, hiding is isolating myself; not allowing myself to fully feel things or feel emotions. "It's safer that way," I tell myself. Or it's doing things the way they've always been done; the way I've always done them. But how does that serve my growth & development? It doesn't. Hiding from my Truth is not asking myself the hard questions, or allowing myself to change the answers on what works & what doesn't as time passes. Living Truth is allowing myself to change my mind; to feel things fully; to see things differently; to change my opinion on what I need in my life, and doing so unapologetically...because I'm human. And I don't need to feel guilty for doing what serves me.

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